NADRA has launched its online portal to facilitate Pakistanis apply for ID cards from the comfort of their home. Expats can also avail this facility. This is a good step but it needs to be made user-friendly. Recently I had the experience of applying through their online service and I faced some issues which are highlighted in this article. If you have decided to apply for NADRA smart ID card through their website, keep in mind that you should have a credit card available and you must possess sound photo editing, printing and scanning experience. The application takes a lot of your time and put you in front of miserable errors. Here are some of the basic issues that I encountered:

1-Make Payment then Fill the Form!
You are bound to make payment through your credit card before filling the rest of the form, scanning and uploading documents, picture and attestation form. The user should be given the freedom to check entire form, fill it and review it before making the payment. That is the standard procedure used online! In my view the payment step should come in last.

Make Payment Before Filling Application

Make Payment Before Filling Application

2- Uploading the Picture – Size and Dimension Requirements

There are 2 issues you may encounter: your picture should be less than 60KB and have 350*450 dimension. In my view the size requirement should be removed because not everyone knows how to reduce image sizes. You may need to use image editing tools and try several times before coming up with the picture that NADRA’s online system would accept.

Picture size should be less than 60KB

3- The NADRA Application Form Didn’t Contain MIDDLE NAME Field 

One of the basic issues I found in their application form was that it did not have the option to input your middle name! I hope they have rectified it now.

4- Form, Documents and Photographs Each Need to be Edited and Resized!

Every form document and picture needs to be edited before it can be successfully uploaded to NADRA’s database. This makes things very difficult for people and takes a lot of their time.  The scanned copies of attestation and fingerprint forms should also be 600dpi. You can tune your scanner to render 600dpi scan.  I think NADRA should allow people to upload documents of varying sizes at least.

Size requirements for documents


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