Changa Manga is a small town adjacent to one of the oldest hand planted forests in the world.  The Changa Manga forest is located approximately 80 kilometers south-west of Lahore. Named after two brother dacoits Changa and Manga, the Changa Manga forest was originally planted in 1866 by British foresters. Its trees were harvested to gather fuel and resources for the engines employed in the North-Western railway networks. The Changa Manga Forest was once the largest man-made forest in the world but has undergone deforestation at a massive scale in recent times.

Beauty of Changa Manga

Changa Manga holds a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Changa Manga serves as a perfect tourist attraction and is considered as one of the best picnic spots around Lahore. Changa Manga is a true blessing for nature lovers.

The wildlife reserve in Changa Manga covers an area of 40 acres (16 ha), built in 2008. The reserve includes the species of hog deerIndian peafowl, jackal, mouflon, nilgai and wild boar.

The Vulture conservation centre in changa manga has been designed to manage the population of G. bengalensis

Changa Manga attractions include a recreation park with a railroad that gives approx 5 km ride on a miniature train. Other attractions include water turbine, a water fall and a children’s play area

Changa Manga is a home to artificial lake known as the Lunar lake. Boating facility is available for the visitors

Changa Manga offers a tourist resort for accommodation. The resort is situated 80 kms from Lahore and TDCP (Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab) arranges picnic trips to Changa Manga providing a relaxing fun filled day for visitors.



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