• The Cliff-jump!
  • At Khanpur lake, a person enjoys jet-skiing.
  • Mountains of the dam
  • Night at Khanpur

Feeling the heat? You may like to taste water of the Khanpur dam – the mighty, yet ecstatic place to visit. You can do these 3 fun activities there at a low cost:

1. Cliff-diving
2. Jet Skiing
3. Camping at Night

As the scorching heatwave roasts people of twin cities, they often visit nearby places to beat the heat. Popular 1-day trip destinations are Neela Sandh, Narh or Narar Kahuta, Neelan Bhotu Islamabad, Sajkot Waterfall and the Khanpur Lake. Whats special about these spots is that you don’t have to spend way too much. In a small budget (I am comparing this budget to the cost of going to Northern Areas or Kashmir), you can enjoy best time with your family and friends. Citizens who can not afford a week-long summer-trip due to financial restraints or other personal reasons must consider visiting these fantasy places.

Let me give you the detail of how you can do these activities at the Khanpur and what should you keep in mind!

1- Cliff-Diving:

As you reach the dam, you require to cover almost entire dam by the boat to reach the place where this adventurous diving is being done. There are plenty of boats available there and you can hire one for your trip. This ride on the electric boat would allow you to experience a pleasurable ride through the bluish-green water of the dam. You would also be able to see the lush-green mountains while in the midst of water! It may cost you up to 2000 (The rate may vary!) to reach the hill from where people jump into the water for fun. But here is a WARNING for you: wear the life-jacket while you are on the boat or you are about to do the cliff-diving. If you have a water-phobia, avoid going into the water as it’s deep like sea! You must also go inside water if there are life-guard service provided by the boat-service provider. Make sure you deal with him to go inside water with you to provide you the safety service. And never dare to go inside water even near the edges because its extremely dangerous thing to do.

2 – Jet Skiing:

Jet-skiing is an adventurous water sport. If cliff-diving is not your game, do this jet-skiing. Jet operators charge 400 per ride and they may accompany you if you are not comfortable riding alone. WARNING: Never forget to wear a life-jacket while doing this activity.

3 – Camping:

If you want to spend another night there camping, talk to the local boat-service providers about the availability of camps. They may also give you the camp, the food and would take you to the place where you can spend one of the most different nights of your life!

Picture Credits: Pictures credits go to Asad Khan’s Photography.


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